About Us

About Us

About Us

“Imagine 1 million African startups connected, engaging & contributing to each other’s success across Africa“

A networking community of entrepreneurs with ideas to change the world by engaging and contributing to each other’s success. It consists of networking, pitching sessions, dynamic talks; marketplace opportunities to access networks in the various countries through live-streaming and use of digital tools. We are currently active in 13 cities; 6 countries with a network of over 89 000 entrepreneurs and growing! We are obsessed with building a solid African footprint representative of the rising youth voice in the SADC, East, Central & West African markets in line with the existing free African trade blocs.

Our aim is to have an active, vibrant, well-networked and economically active tribe of 1 million startup businesses across the African continent by 2020.

We believe in and are guided by these core values: Connect. Engage & Contribute.


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  • To challenge poverty, unemployment and inequality by unlocking economic opportunities for Africa’s young entrepreneurs through enabling cross-border trade using technology and the power of networking & community.


  • We believe in community as an enabler. We use networking as a tool to connect people to each other. By opening up chapters in each city in Africa, we enable local entrepreneurs to find a voice whilst connecting to the greater Pan African community of like-minded people (including the diaspora).


  • Hacking African solutions for African problems speaks to a mindshift and a superior way of problem-solving that taps into our indigenous knowledge systems. Our development programs in partnership with local partners are used as practical educational interventions to help entrepreneurs turn their startups into long-term bankable businesses that employ our digitally savvy youth across mother Africa to eradicate unemployment & poverty


  • When entrepreneurs contribute to each other’s success, they intentionally focus on helping each other instead of competing. Collaboration is the new innovation.

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